Airsoft Hop-Up Adjustment

High Operation Power Up or "Hop-Up" in short, is the back spinning of an airsoft BB to increase range and accuracy through a phenomenon called Magnus effect. In airsoft the term Hop-Up also usually refers to the device that creates the backs spin off BBs. Its main function is to increase and decrease the pressure applied on one side (top) of your BB when chambered that creates a backspin when fired thus creating a perpendicular force pulling the BB upwards and increasing effective range. Having the right hop up adjustment on your airsoft gun will maximize its effectiveness.

Airsoft Hop-Up Adjustment Steps:

  1. You will need a big safe open area at least 50ft distance down range and a torso size target.
  2. When safe, fire 2-3 shots at your target and see where the BBs are going. 
  3. If you’re BBs are doing exactly like figure A (going down). You have to turn your hop-up up. Look at your gun’s hop-up device and try to find an arrow with word saying “up.” Turn it that way for your BBs to go up.
    Airsoft hop up adjustment going down
  4. When your BBs are going up like on figure B, you have to turn your hop-up down. It should be dialed against/opposite from the arrow that says “up.”
    Airsoft hop up adjustment going up
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 while properly aiming at your target, fine tune your adjustment by dialing your hop up unit as little as possibe.  
    Best Airsoft Hop Up Adjustment
  6. You have it right once your BBs go very slightly UP and then maintain its line then slightly go down, almost like a straight line and hit your target. This is the best setting for your hop up. If your target is too close, you will not see the effect of your hop up and you need a longer distance target.

Take note that unlike real firearms, airsoft guns do not have a rifled barrel thus it cannot perform pinpoint accuracy in every shot. Other factors like bb weight and wind can greatly affect your BBs trajectory.