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Airsoft Repair or Tune-up - 2 Hour Labor

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This package includes the basic airsoft repair or tune-up labor service for your airsoft internals like gearbox, hopup and wirings. While repairing the your airsoft gun, we will also clean and perform visual inspection on other internal parts like your hopup, gears, motor, etc.

Baisc Airsoft Repair & Tune-up Details:

  • Visual Inspection of:
    • Gearbox
    • Hopup & bucking
    • Piston head and o-ring
    • Cylinder
    • Pison teeth
    • Gears
    • Motor and pinion gear
    • Electrical contacts and wiring
  • Clean:
    • Gearbox
    • Hopup & inner barrel
    • Electrical Contacts (when necessary)
  • Relube internals (when necessary)
  • Reshim gears (when necessary)

Additional or replacement parts will be billed in addition to this. Our airsoft repair and tuneup package charge is for labor only, the owner will be contacted incase new parts needs to be installed or replaced for approval and authorization. 


Notice to Customer:

  • Standard jobs normally takes 1-2 hours to complete however some jobs might take longer than 2 hours.  In this case, you will be billed in 2 hour increments.
  • An estimated turnaround time of 7 business days to complete the repair is required (shipping days not counted). Although usually, jobs will finish sooner, others might take longer than the alloted time due to unforseen circumstances like availability of parts, unable to contact owner, etc. 
  • When shipping your airsoft gun through mail, make sure to package it safely and securely. Make sure you have proper cushon and protection around your gun. Shipping damage is not our responsibility.
  • Additional ground shpping during checkout is for sending your airsoft gun back to you.
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