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6mm ProShop Universal BB Loader 120R

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  • 6mm ProShop Universal BB Loader 120R
  • 6mm ProShop Universal BB Loader 120R
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Features & Specs:

  • Manufacturer: 6mm ProShop
  • Name: Universal BB Loader 120r
  • Durable high strength polymer construction
  • Small, lightweight, and convenient to carry
  • Pistol magazine profile to fit in standard pistol mag pouches
  • Quickly load standard-cap mags, mid-cap mags, shotgun shells, grenades, and revolvers
  • Easy to fill trap door
  • Translucent, allows you to see how many BBs are remaining
  • Enlarged BB loading channel to reduce the frequency of jams and blockages
  • BB agitator assists with feeding
  • High quality steel spring for faster resetting plunger
  • O-ring in feeding nozzle keeps BBs from falling out
  • Locking plunger
  • Gas magazine adapter included

Package Includes:

  • 1x 6mm ProShop Universal BB Loader 120R
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