G&G CM16 Batto Airsoft Gun Review

G&G CM16 Batto Airsoft Gun Review

When we first got our hands on the G&G CM16 Batto airsoft gun, we immediately noticed the quality of the polymer used for the rail and receiver. There were no creaks or wobbles, which gave us confidence in its durability. The updated modern profile, complete with an MLOK rail, and its perfect length for both CQB and mixed outdoor gameplay really impressed us.

G&G CM16 Batto Review

One of the standout features compared to the old G&G CM16 Combat Machine is the true quick spring change design. Unlike before, we didn't have to remove the entire gearbox to replace the spring, which made high to low, low to high spring change much easier. Another notable improvement is its compatibility with Gate Titan and Aster MOSFETs, a significant advantage for those who enjoy high-performance builds. Additionally, the inclusion of 8mm steel bushings instead of the old brass ones is a welcome upgrade.

G&G CM16 Batto MLok Rail

The new CM16 Batto also comes standard with dual-profile fiber optic front and rear sights, which is a great enhancement over the older triangle fixed sight. It still houses the reliable reinforced G&G gearbox but now quick spring change feature and with steel bushings, a heat-treated gearset, and a polycarbonate piston, similar to the older CM16 Raider. The same 18,000 rpm motor is used, which is more than adequate for most players.

G&G CM16 Batto Rotary Hopup

We appreciated the ambidextrous magazine release and the functioning bolt catch, which added convenience when adjusting the rotary hop-up that comes with the gun. The low-profile retractable stock is well-designed and accommodates standard stick LiPo batteries or nunchuck-style LiPo batteries (the blade type) comfortably.

G&G CM16 Batto Battery Space

When thinking about buying an airsoft gun for the first time, first thing that comes to mind is the price, then the quality, then the features. Although we only had a short time with the production prototype, shooting and testing its new features, we believe the G&G CM16 Batto airsoft gun will set a new standard for beginner to intermediate players. Its versatile features might even appeal to advanced players looking for a reliable and customizable airsoft gun.

Sun Jun 02, 2024 AirsoftMaster

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