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Echo1 PMG-5 Airsoft Minigun

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  • Echo1 PMG-5 Polymer Minigun
  • Echo1 PMG-5 Polymer Minigun
  • Echo1 PMG-5 Polymer Minigun
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The Echo1 PMG-5 Airsoft Minigun is the epitome of innovation and firepower. Boasting a sleek black exterior and a high-quality polymer receiver, this electric airsoft gun is designed to impress both in aesthetics and performance.

With a velocity of 300fps using .20g BBs and a 300mm brass inner barrel, the Echo1 PMG-5 ensures accuracy and consistency on the field. The fully automatic fire option, adjustable hop-up on each of the quad barrels, and a rapid rate of fire exceeding 1000 rounds per minute make this minigun a force to be reckoned with.

The ergonomic chainsaw-style grip ensures comfortable handling and maneuverability, while the internal 1200-round magazine, ingeniously housed within the body, minimizes reload interruptions. The Picatinny rail system allows for customization, accommodating accessories to enhance your airsoft experience.

Featuring a unique mechanical firing system that mimics the real counterpart by firing from the top barrel, the electric motor is ingeniously utilized solely for rotating the barrel assembly. Each barrel also boasts an adjustable hop-up, providing precision and adaptability in various scenarios.

Lipo ready and with the battery conveniently located in the body, the Echo1 PMG-5 Polymer Minigun is not just a weapon; it's a statement of dominance on the airsoft field. Unleash the fury and redefine your airsoft experience with the Echo1 PMG-5.

Features and Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Echo1
  • Model: Echo1 PMG-5 Airsoft Minigun
  • Color: Black
  • BB Velocity: 300fps w/ .20g BBs
  • Inner Barrel: 300mm Brass
  • Receiver: High Quality Polymer
  • Type: Electirc
  • Fire Option: Full Auto
  • HopUp: Yes, Adjustable
  • Lipo Ready: Yes
  • Battery Location: Body
  • Length: 515mm / 20.25in
  • Weight 4lbs
  • Magazine: Internal
  • Capacity: 1200r
  • Picatinny rail system
  • Polymer receiver
  • Quad barrel assembly
  • Chainsaw style grip
  • Internal 1200 round magazine in body
  • ~1000+ rpm
  • mechanical firing system that fires out the top barrel (like the real version), the electric motor is used only to rotate the barrel assembly
  • Each barrel has adjustable hop up

Package Includes:

  • 1x Echo1 PMG-5 Polymer Minigun
  • Battery not included
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