NcStar CVPCVD2975G Discreet Plate Carrier Olive Drab Green

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The NcStar CVPCVD2975G Discreet Plate Carrier Olive Drab Green Features:


• Discreet Plate Carrier with external pocket for hard or soft body armor. Wrap around hook and loop fastener cummberbund and adjustable shoulder straps. Fits: Medium to 2XL.

• Front panel measures 16.5"W X 16.0"H (from bottom of neck cut). Rear panel measures 21.5"W X 18.5"H (from bottom of neck cut). 

• Exterior body armor pockets for hard/soft plates/panels. Exterior body armor pockets will accommodate 11"W X 14"H soft armor panels or 11"W X 14"H X 1"D hard armor plates. Inside the armor pockets includes a height strap with hook and loop fasteners to adjust how high/low the smaller armor plate/panel sits inside the pocket. 

• Maximum cummberbund extension fit is 57"

• Adjustable hook and loop fasterner 2" shoulder straps. For adjusting how high/low the plate carrier sits on the torso.

• 2"H X 9"L Loop fasteners sewn to the front and rear panels for name, unit, or moral patches.


The NcStar Discreet Plate Carrier comes in Multiple Colors: Black, Olive Drab Green and Tan

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