G&G ESG B-10 Airsoft Gas Bullpup Shotgun Review

G&G ESG B-10 Airsoft Gas Bullpup Shotgun Review

Here's my first take on the G&G ESG B-10 airsoft gas shotgun. My initial impression of this airsoft gun is its sleek and streamlined bullpup design, which offers a perfect balance of barrel length and compactness. It features raised picatinny rails on the top and bottom (the bottom rail is accessible by removing the cover), along with an M-Lok style receiver, providing ample customization options. Despite its polymer receiver, it feels solid and sturdy.

G&G ESG B-10 gas fill valve location

Powered by green gas, refilling is convenient through a port under the stock. It utilizes a standard M4 AEG magazine and an ambidexrous magazine release., whether it's a hi-cap or mid-cap. The outer barrel is metal and threaded 14mm counter-clockwise, perfectly compatible with accessories like the G&G MF106T or UVT106 tracer units.

G&G ESG B-10 5/10 Shot Fire Mode

When shooting at targets, the trigger response feels instantaneous and crisp. In the 5-round mode, the spread is wide, typical of an airsoft shotgun. Switching to the 10-round mode widens the spread even further, yet most BBs still hit center mass. Both settings offer an effective range of around 100ft or closer, standard for multi-shot airsoft shotguns. It's difficult to measure the FPS accurately due to firing a minimum of 5 BBs simultaneously.

In conclusion, I have shot and played with a lot of airsoft guns and the G&G ESG B-10 is incredibly enjoyable. Its compatibility with M4 AEG magazines adds versatility, while the bullpup configuration makes it ideal for close-quarters combat. The rail systems allow for easy customization with accessories like lasers, optics, grips, and flashlights. It's a fantastic addition to any arsenal, particularly for those focused on close-quarters battles.

Tue Mar 26, 2024 Airsoft Master

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