How Does an Airsoft Tracer Unit Work?

How Does an Airsoft Tracer Unit Work?

An airsoft tracer unit is a device used in airsoft guns to illuminate special tracer BBs, creating a glowing effect that mimics real tracer ammunition.

airsoft tracer unit turned on

Airsoft tracer units typically use ultraviolet (UV) light to activate tracer BBs, which are coated with a phosphorescent material. This coating absorbs UV light and emits a visible glow.

inside airsoft tracer unit

The tracer unit contains UV LEDs that activate when the airsoft gun is fired. As the tracer BB passes through the tracer unit, it triggers a sensor that flashes a UV light, charging the airsoft tracer BB’s phosphorescent coating. This process occurs quickly, typically in the split second when the BB is in the unit.

bb going through airsoft tracer unit

After being charged, the airsoft tracer BBs glow as they travel through the air. This glowing effect is especially visible in low-light or nighttime conditions, providing a visual representation of the BB's trajectory.

Tracer units are usually attached to the muzzle or as a mock suppressor on airsoft guns. Some are integrated into the gun itself, while others are add-ons that can be screwed onto the barrel.

Some airsoft tracer units uses AAA batteries but most new ones have USB rechargeable built-in batteries to power the UV LEDs.

Overall, tracer units enhance airsoft games by providing a realistic effect, allowing players to track the trajectory of their shots and adding a dynamic visual element to gameplay, especially during night games or in dark environments.

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