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EMG TTI Sand Viper Airsoft Pistol

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  • EMG TTI Sand Viper Airsoft Pistol
  • EMG TTI Sand Viper Airsoft Pistol
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Introducing the EMG TTI Sand Viper, the pinnacle of 2-gun and 3-gun competition pistols designed to dominate the field. This official licensed version, endorsed by TTI with full after-sales support from EMG, ensures unparalleled quality and performance while supporting the original designer. Crafted with meticulous detail, the Sand Viper boasts a CNC machined aluminum slide adorned with officially licensed TTI laser engraved markings, paired with a CNC machined aluminum frame featuring molded reinforced polymer grips for a superior grip and control.

Setting itself apart from its counterpart, the Pit Viper, the Sand Viper forgoes traditional iron sights, instead embracing a red dot optic-ready design. The optics plate, compatible with standard RMR-footprint red dot sights, ensures swift target acquisition. The non-tilting barrel design guarantees smooth cycling and accommodating compensators. With a molded grip surface facilitating active and positive pistol manipulation, the CNC precision barrel incorporates a large single port compensator integrated into the pistol's design.

Enhancing both speed and precision, the TTI professional slide lightening cuts contribute to a faster slide cycle with reduced muzzle flip, allowing for rapid follow-up shots. The TTI licensed flared mag well aids in quick and efficient reloads, while the extended magazine release ensures seamless transitions between magazines. Elevate your competition game with the EMG TTI Sand Viper airsoft pistol– a masterfully engineered and officially licensed pistol that embodies the spirit of precision and performance on the range.

Features & Specs:

  • Manufacturer: JAG
  • Model: EMG TTI Sand Viper Airsoft Pistol
  • Color: Bronze / Tan
  • BB Velocity: 330-350fps w/.20g BBs.
  • Fire Option: Safe & Semi
  • Blowback: Yes
  • HopUp: Yes, Adjustable
  • Gas: Choose from CO2 or Green Gas
  • Magazine Capacity: 28 rounds
  • Integrated compensator
  • Quick Cycling slide
  • Mag well for easy reload


Package Includes:

  • 1x EMG TTI Sand Viper Airsoft Pistol
  • 1x Magazine
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