Jag TTI Pit Viper / Sand Viper Magazine Compatibility Study

Jag TTI Pit Viper / Sand Viper Magazine Compatibility Study

Among all the new airsoft pistols 2023, the Jag Arms Pit Viper and Sand Viper is based on the Hi-Capa 2011 platform and this is one of the most common airsoft pistol platform there is. This means that this airsoft pistol also has a lot of aftermarket magazines available, but this does not mean it will work 100%.

Jag TTI Pit Viper and Sand Viper airsoft magazine compatibility

We have tested a different magazines from different brands to see which one works well with the Jag Arms TTI Pit Viper and Sand Viper.

We used a brand new Matrix / Jag Airsoft Green Gas can on all magazines tested.

The airsoft bbs used were the Lancer Tactical BBs Streamline .20g BBs on all magazines to keep everything as equal as possible.

We are also using the stock magazines that came with the airosft pistols as a benchmark.

Mag Brand / Model Pit Viper Sand Viper Comments
Jag TTI Pit Viper Magazine 360, 357, 361 FPS 358, 361, 358 FPS Works great! used as benchmark.
Jag TTI Sand Viper Magazine 363, 361, 358 FPS 360, 357, 358 FPS Works great! used as benchmark.
WE Hi-Capa 30rds Magazine 362, 353, 347 FPS 360, 354, 357 FPS Tight, magazine does not fall by itself when mag release is pressed.
Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Magazine 329, 326, 327 FPS 330, 327, 326 FPS Fits well and FPS output is lower but very consistent.
Army Armament Hi-Capa Magazine 368, 357, 358 FPS 364, 358, 356 FPS Works great! Fits well, drops smooth with mag release. FPS is around benchmark.
Echo1 TAP 28rd Magazine 360, 354, 357 FPS 362, 354, 355 FPS Works fine, drops easy with mag release. FPS around benchmark.
JAG GMX Hi-Capa Magazine 370, 360, 353 FPS 368, 362, 357 FPS Works Fine
ICS Challenger Magazine 316, 312, 310 FPS 318, 313, 316 FPS is lower than others tested.
EMG TTI Pit Viper Magazine 341, 336, 335 FPS 340, 337, 336 FPS Tight fit, need to pull mag out with left hand.

We have have established 357-363 FPS with .20g BBs as the benchmark standard for how these magazines should perform.

We have noticed that most magazines slides off smoothly when we press the mag release button but the WE Hi-Capa Magazine and EMG TTI Pit Viper Magazine sticks and needs to be pulled out to release.

Our observation is that the ICS Challenger Magazine feeds well but has the lowest FPS recorded.

Wed Apr 24, 2024 Airsoft Master

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