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What is Airsoft?

What is AirsoftA lot of people don't know what airsoft is and I'm a lot of people have this question in mind "What is airsoft?." Airsoft or others may call it "soft air," is a military simulation combat sport in which is considered fun and safe. Airsoft players participate in a simulated combat scenario against other teams. The game varies from quick skirmishes, military simulations, and some larger organized events. They would often use military tactics to achieve their mission or objectives. Mock military gear, equipment and accessories are often used to emulate modern military gear and equipment. Unlike paintball, airsoft projectiles does not splat.  The sport is primarily based on “honor system” where in the person being hit will shout “HIT! HIT!” and call himself out and wait to re-enter the game after a specific time or wait for his teammate to medic or rescue him so he can rejoin the game, all depending on game rules and scenario.

The sport is very popular in east Asia; Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines.  It is also rapidly growing in popularity in Europe and here in the United States.

*Photo at the right hand side shows two airsoft players ready for action.

What is an Airsoft Gun?

An arisoft gun is a replica "firearm" that fires 6mm plastic pellets called “BBs” by use of compressed gas or spring driven pistons.  These airsoft guns are used when playing airsoft combat games or for collection for enthusiasts. The BBs travel at speeds that are significantly lower than real bullets.  These BBs cannot kill or cause life threatening injuries to anyone.  Airsoft is considered a toy gun but safety measures and responsible handling practices needs to be in place when handling and playing with these replicas. Proper eye protection must be worn at all times when playing and handling it. An ANSI rated 87.1 safety glass or goggles or a full paintball mask it need for protection.


Keeping Airsoft Safe and Fun.

Like any other sport important guidelines must be followed to keep airsoft safe and fun.

  • Obey the Law. Be aware of local Law and Regulations in your area.
  • Obey your local Law enforcement officer.
  • Brandishing is illegal. Do not show or display our airsoft gun out on the public.
  • Be responsible and use common sense when playing and handling airsoft guns.
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times by the player and spectator around the vicinity.
  • Play airsoft at a designated airsoft field.

I hope this article helped you understand what is airsoft all about. With responsible handling and proper safety equipment airsoft can be a very safe and fun sport! More about Airsoft Safety.

Disclaimer: Contents from this website and pages are does not inted to substitue the manual but for information purposes only. Use any information from this site at your own discretion and risk. AirsoftMaster.com will not be responsible forn any damgage and injury caused from applying these information. AirsoftMaster.com at all times recommends performing technical adjustments, repairs, upgrades, modifications and other works related to airsoft be done by a professional.